Match of the Month!

The first time Jessie and Sierra spent time together, it was a walk to the rose garden followed by ice cream. They both agreed that having a chance to walk around and spend quality time together was a great opportunity to get to know each other. They clicked right away and talked the whole time!

They do all sorts of activities around Duluth. Some of their favorites include bowling, sledding, horseback riding, cooking dinner together and going to plays. Really, any time they spend a couple hours or day together is an adventure in itself. However, both agreed that the most fun they’ve had thus far was when they spent a day horseback riding.

One thing the two shared in common and something that helped them click right away is that they both have been through tough times and have made it to the other side. It has helped them support and be strong with each other.

Jessie said “I have learned from Sierra to be sweet and strong no matter what you have been through in life.” Sierra echoed that, saying “Jessie has helped me learn to be kind and it will get you through tough times.”

When asked about a funny story, Jessie said “Our funniest story was when I convinced Sierra to do a mud run. She was covered head to toe in mud and exhausted but she FINISHED and she and I was so PROUD of her!”