Match of the Month: Mikayla and Malia!

Mikayla and Malia first met when Mikayla worked for Eagle’s Nest at North Star Academy from 2015-2016. Malia was one of the students in the program. They became close during that year and created a bond without trying!  When Mikayla graduated from UMD and got a job with the YMCA at a different school, Malia and Mikayla decided they wanted to hang out and start a friendship outside of Eagle’s Nest!

Mikayla and Malia love to explore! Whether it’s going to Spirit Mountain, looking for sea glass, or just wandering around the mall, they can make anything they do together an adventure. They also like to find DIY or craft programs to create together.

Mikayla was never the creative type and knew Malia was based on her creations at Eagle’s Nest. After hanging out with Malia more, Mikayla has gotten into crafting and DIY projects. Malia never looked for sea glass on Lake Superior before hanging out with Mikayla, but now it’s something she looks forward to doing and is starting her own collection!

When asked what the most memorable moment was in their friendship, Mikayla and Malia agreed that their favorite moment together was one of their first outings as an official match. They went to Pottery Burn and spent hours perfecting and painting a work of art. Malia was encouraging and helped Mikayla tap into her creative side, while Mikayla was in awe of Malia’s painting abilities. They got to talk and work at the same time, which created a stronger friendship that day.

Mikayla and Malia LOVE to take pictures together! They are going to work on scrapbooks for each other as a present and to reflect on their memories.