Match of the Month: Alice and Destyni!

July 6th will mark Destyni and Alice’s first match anniversary. This match is not one to let that day slip by unnoticed! They place a lot of value in their friendship and enjoy celebrating it! They have already done things to commemorate their match, like create a time capsule hidden in Alice’s apartment, which Destyni carefully decorated with a rendering of Mentor Duluth’s logo.

They have stayed active and adventurous throughout their first year. Some of their favorite activities have been rock climbing, swimming at the Y, playing games at coffee shops, exploring Seven Bridges Road, doing craft projects, and having adventures by the beach. On a recent trip to the beach, Destyni invented a play scenario where she was “Captain Brooke,” sister of Captain Hook. Alice loves how imaginative and creative Destyni is when they are being playful together. Destyni and Alice also really enjoy participating in Mentor Duluth’s monthly match activities because they like meeting other matches and trying new things together.

In the past year, Alice introduced Destyni to rock climbing, while Destyni introduced Alice to the Public Library and helped her get a library card. This is a friendship built on mutuality. Even their birthdays are just a day apart. Destyni reminds us that she is the older one “if you don’t count the year.”

Alice describes Destyni as curious, smart, and passionate with a fearless attitude. It is the combination of Destyni’s passion and fearlessness that Alice admires most. She says that she is in awe of the way Destyni enters new situations and meets new people without holding back. Destyni appreciates Alice because she is easy to talk to and she likes it when they have conversations about justice and equality. She has been learning a lot about those things in Girl Power! and likes having Alice to reflect with about what she learns. Destyni looks up to Alice as a strong leader and role model.  Alice says Destyni is helping her learn to be braver.

Looking forward, Alice and Destyni have talked about taking a cooking class together and finding a volunteer opportunity that is a good fit for them. Alice hopes for Destyni that she never loses her bright spark for life and justice. Destyni hopes that they just stay matched for a very, very long time!

Congratulations to Destyni and Alice for being July’s Match of the Month!