March into Mentoring

What is March into Mentoring?

Each March, Mentor Duluth sets a goal of diminishing the wait list of over 200 kids and matching them with new mentors. How will we meet our goal? Community engagement, media appearances, social media, the Mentor Duluth Music Fest and more.

What is our goal?

31 new mentors, 31 days.

Raffle Entry and Drawing

$5.00 raffle tickets are available for purchase throughout the month of March. Each ticket purchased enters you into a drawing for a number of exciting prizes from local Duluth businesses.

Mentor Duluth Music Fundraiser!

Our fundraiser takes place at a local business each year and includes live music, a raffle drawing, staff to chat about the program and much more! 2017 fundraiser will be held at Clyde Iron Works. The lineup includes:

  • Shantily Clad and the Low Hangin’ Fruit
  • Tempted Fate


THANK YOU to this year’s March into Mentoring Sponsors!