About Sonja

Position: Sonja Wildwood, MA, LPCC – Clinical Therapist – Mental Health Consultant for Mentor Duluth


Site: Based out of the Washington Center, Duluth, MN


What is your role as the Mental Health Consultant for Mentor Duluth?: I attend program advocate meetings to support and consult with advocates; facilitate trainings and conceptualizations;  work with mentors, mentees and families regarding mental health, resources, and overcoming barriers in the mentor relationship as well as overall challenges with mentors and mentees.


What do you like about your work with Mentor Duluth?: I love being a therapist and working with youth and their families. When I have worked with kids who have a special person in their life who is a positive role model, I’ve seen that it makes such a difference in their overall  perspective. In my role I get to see the power of a mentor relationship – it is such a positive influence on mental and emotional, relational, and even physical health. I am so happy to have a role where I support those relationships.


What are your hobbies and interests?: I love to be outside, especially  in the woods and near water. I enjoy playing basketball, gardening, hiking with my partner and dog, reading, music, listening to podcasts, and am working toward finishing a quilt that I started many years ago.