About Salisa

Position: Mentor Superior Coordinator


Site: YMCA


What is your role as the Mentor Superior Coordinator?

I enroll children, make matches, recruit mentors and provide waitlist activities in Superior. I also help Mentor Superior Board with fundraisers and other annual events.


What do you like about your work with Mentor Duluth?

I enjoy what I do because I know that having one extra adult in a child’s life can truly make a difference. I hear stories after stories of how much impact mentoring have had on mentors, mentees and even families. I also live in Superior and I am glad to be able to help children in my community. 


What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I am a nerd. I love playing computer games or video games. My favorite games are Civilization and Minecraft. I also enjoy solving puzzles. However, I have a toddler now and do not have time to do that as much. I am from Thailand and I love extra spicy Thai food. I love cooking and enjoy watching other people try the food I cook. People often cry when they try my spicy food!